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Elliott Wave Live Chart Terms

  1. Start read our charts from weekly chart to 1 hour chart to get full expected vision of where will the price go for the long term.
  2. We prefer only to trade on the direction of our tag.
  3. Invalidation level will be highlighted with orange text and arrow.
  4. Entry level will be highlighted with blue box. And in condition we didn’t highlight the invalidation level it means that the nearest level is the entry of the trade and the farthest level is the invalidation level.
  5. Target level is highlighted with green box whether it is bullish or bearish advice.
  6. All our target levels, invalidation levels, and entry levels are depending on Fibonacci levels or the peak level of the previous waves.
  7. You should be aware of the risk of trading forex and stocks. Read our terms and conditions , and risk disclaimer for more details.

USDCAD-1 hour Chart - elliott wave analysis -21-09-2019.
USDCAD-1 hour Chart - elliott wave analysis -21-09-2019.

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